Albanian Subtitling

Highly experienced at handling the nuances and special consideration in doing subtitling work.

A 'must-have' to maximize impact, communication and success!

Albanian editing and proofreading

In our proofreading services we examine the target text's readability.

We carefully check for proper sentence structure, and correct any grammatical, typographical, word usage errors and/or faux pas.

Editing pricing can vary significantly depending upon both the quality of the Albanian translation text and the legibility of the source document(s). In extreme cases where a poor translation is a serious problem, it can be less expensive and time consuming to translate from the source document instead of trying to save a poorly or incorrectly translated document.

The strict guidelines we follow in editing your project are outlined in the Albanian Editing Process.

    Albanian Voice-over

    Anila Mehmeti Mayhew is registered as a Voice Over Actress with the Screen actor's Guild and her voice has been heard on the popular sitcom entitled "the king of queens".

    She is noted for having a very pleasant voice. Listen to the sample below!

    Albanian Interpretation

    We currently offer services in Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, and


    These services include consecutive and simultaneous on-site interpreting, and telephonic interpreting.

    Albanian English Transcription Service

    Expert Albanian English language capability, detail oriented, vast specialized language resources, highly experienced transcriptionist/linguist with a sharp ear.

    With high output capability, and proper equipment in place, project can begin immediately depending on workload.

    About our services:

    Certified Triple Check Translation Service

    This is our most rigorous Albanian To English or English to Albanian translation service.

    This process is exacting and of such high quality that three separate linguists and four different steps are involved in the translation.

    First, once the Project Manager determines your particular needs, the original text is given to a skilled translator with experience in your specific field (i.e., business, law, medicine, entertainment, etal.). Second, after the translation is completed, it is sent to a separate editor who follow specific guidelines while focusing both on the source and target language.

    For more information on editing, check our link, The Editing Process. Third, this edited material is returned to the initial translator for additional comments. Finally, this translated and edited text is sent to a final proofreader who is intimately familiar with the target language and your particular field.

    Our strict process management of the Certified Triple Check Translation Service is a closed loop system that is rigorously monitored by the Project Manager. Any translated text not meeting the specified parameters of the client and the stringent guidelines of Albanian Language Services is carefully documented.

    The Project Manager is ultimately responsible for making the final decisions that tightly control the project quality and assure a superb translation.

    Albanian Culture Consulting

    Albanian values are important to understand if your aim is to contextualize your message, reach a particular age demographic or otherwise sensitize your written language usage and ultimately reach your Albanian target audience.

    Albanians generally hold certain principles very dear. If you truly wish to communicate with an Albanian audience, even one in America or in some other country, there are certainly keys and benefits to understanding the Albanian mindset. We know these keys well.

    Albanian Language Services offers Albanian Cultural Consulting assistance to individuals and organizations on an as needed basis.

    Standard Albanian Translation

    This process uses a single Albanian translator/editor.

    The project manager assigns the original text to a skilled translator who both translates and edits the text.

    This service is intended for translation agencies, but does include direct clients who do not require separate editors and proofreaders.

    Standard Albanian Translation and Editing

    This process uses an Albanian translator and a separate editor.

    Upon receipt of your source text, the Project Manager will assign this original text to the appropriate translator who is experienced in the relevant field. Thereafter, the translated text is sent to a highly skilled editor who focuses on both the source and target texts.