Anila Mayhew

Interpreter, Translator, and editor

Anila Mayhew is the primary translator, interpreter, and editor of Albanian Language Services, and we are proud to have her, for she is an outstanding English/Albanian, Albanian/English interpreter, translator, and editor. She is fluent in both Albanian and English, and satisfactory in Spanish and German. Anila was born and raised in Communist Albania in 1977, obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Tirana, graduating magna cum laude with a B.A. in English as a Second Language.  Anila came to the United States in 1996 to continue her education. In addition to being the primary translator and interpreter for Albanian Language Services, she is also a happy mother of three wonderful children.

THomas Mayhew - 

President of albanian Language Services

Thomas Mayhew has an ABET Accredited Engineering degree. Thomas learned programming, geodesy, geodetic surveying, photogrammetry, GIS and Land Surveying.  This background enabled Thomas to become a Marketing Manager for a high precision GPS manufacturer. In addition to bringing products to market, he also procured and oversaw translation services. He has performed Albanian-English editing and proofing. Thomas Mayhew writes a weekly newsletter and publishes the contents online and to his client base. Currently, he is a Realtor in New London, Ohio. Please visit his website: